• Length 160 mt
  • Access Dock to Main Pier 170 mt
  • Draught in pier 12 mt
  • Pier over water 1,20 - 1,50 mt
  • Tidal Movement : No tides
  • Maximum Ship That Berthed Alongside: Celebrity Beyond (327 meters)
  • ISPS 1
  • Marsec Level 1
  • Port operation 24 hrs
  • Security : 1 armed 
  • Argostoli Longitude  20°  29° 10° E
  • Argostoli Latitude     28°  11° 05° N
  • Fresh water connection available on request by 3 inches pipe [microbiological report available on request]
  • Waste Handling : Optional service for solid waste only, collection by truck [available on request] 

Pilot / Tug Boat / Mooring Boat / Linesmen / PFSO 

·   Pilot : Available on request [optional service but highly recommended due to traffic] VHF channel 12

- Pilot boarding position: LAT 38’ 12N LONG 020’28’E 

Time needed from PBG to port 25-30 min 

·   Tug boat : Available and compulsory by greek law for all ships that berth.  Not compulsory if you remain on anchor.

Details of Tug Boat : Makis L.O.A 28.30 mtrs Beam: 06.36 mtrs 

Max drought: 03.80 mtrs Propulsion: single screw fixed pitch propeller. 

Main engine: cat 3512 TA BHP: 1060 RPM: 1200 

Bollard pull: 15 mt
Available VHF Channel 10 or 12. 

·   Mooring boat : Compulsory for all ships over 160 m (second one available upon request).

·   Linesmen : Available and compulsory for all ships.

·   PFSO : Mr. Sotirios Toumazatos

Mobile Phone +30 6945 33 2555


·   Agent Contact : Koula Zampeli +30 6947 206 006 

& Dimitrios Alysandratos +30 694 908 9485

·       Possible Agents on Board valid for each call : 

        -  Kyriakoula Zampeli                    -  Dimitrios Alysandratos  

·   Port Authorities VHF Channel 12 & tel +30 26710 22224

In case you remain on anchor 

        Suggested Anchorage positions 

Ø Position no 1                   Lat:      38° 11,3' N             Long: 020° 29,4' E

Ø Position no 2                   Lat:      38°11,7' N             Long: 020° 29.2' E

·   Tenders : Ships on anchor must use local tenders first,  with an applicable fee,  as per greek legislation (2 available). If local tenders are not enough, then ships can use their own tenders as well. 


Pre - arrival documents

  by mail to &  


·   List of all ship’s certificates with expiry dates

·   ISPS

·   Passenger list in the Excel Form required by HCG (Hellenic Coast Guard) – all dates should be TEXT in the form 01/01/2001 (dd/mm/yyyy)

·   Crew list in the Excel Form required by HCG – all dates should be TEXT in the form 01/01/2001 (dd/mm/yyyy)

·   Waste items in the Excel Form required by HCG

·   Last 10 ports of Call in the Excel Form required by HCG          

·   Waste Declaration [Annex II] – as per attachment

·   Ship’s itinerary

·         Maritime Health Declaration if you are coming from outside Greece or there are Covid-19 cases onboard

·   SarCo Operational Plans [Search and Rescue]


Please note that the Excel Forms required by HCG should be completed correctly as otherwise we won’t be able to upload them (see file correct completion of HCG Forms).


If your previous or next port is outside Schengen zone, please note that we will need the above Pax and Crew List (in 2 different forms of Excel that we will send you) at least 2 days in advance to be thoroughly checked by local coast guard and Local Immigration Office. Immigration officer will also come on board to stamp in or out RESTRICTED [VISA] passports ONLY.

 At least 24 hours prior to arrival we need full name of the Security Officer on board and his / hers email.   


Regarding your International Ship Security Certificate / Please advise if its full or intern / who issued this and when it expires.

Ship's documents upon arrival

·   3 copies of Crew List                       [your own form]

·   3 copies of Passenger List             [your own form]

·   2 copies of Stores List                     [your own form but please use our attached sample as front page by writing AS ATTACHED, stamped and signed]

·   2 copies of Crew Personal Effects  [your own form but please use our attached sample as front page by writing AS

ATTACHED, stamped and signed]

·  2 copies Bunkers [as per attached form]

·   2 copies of Captain’s Declaration [as per attached form]
[All 4 above are the four sheets in the same excel file DECLARATION FILES HERE UNDER]

·   2 copies of Security Weapons List [NIL LIST] 

·   2 copies of Ship’s Electronic Equipment

·   2 copies of Pharmacy List

·   1 copy of Maritime Declaration of Health

·   1 copy of Arrival Statement

·   3 copies of Ship’s Itinerary

·   1 copy ISPS

·   1 copy of a List of all ship’s Certificates with expiry dates

·   1 copy Waste Declaration [Annex II] - as per attachment 

·   If your previous port was a greek port, then we will need the ORIGINAL CUSTOMS papers, stamped and signed by the previous greek port Customs office [plus an extra photocopy of this whole package]



If your ship calls in Kefalonia for the first time [each year] then please see attached file EXTRA CERTIFICATES FOR FIRST CALL and attach these documents as well.


For the officials in the safe manning, we will need copies for their diplomas or certificates or their medical cards 

[Please note : Not for the whole crew, but just for the officials of the safe manning ].


Permissions :

·   You are allowed to wash ship’s hull with fresh water only, no soap.

·   Painting is not allowed

·   Maintenance is not allowed

·   Hot works are not allowed [inside/ outside]

·   Lowering life boats is allowed for crew drill but not for maintenance.

·   Ship’s Whistle is allowed

Passenger Services when berthing

·   PASSENGER TERMINAL available with free wi-fi , tourist information desk and WC.

·   Terminal taxi Ramp : Available

·   First Aid Station : Available

·   Medical Emergencies : Available

·   Ship has to use own gangways